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The final straw

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I think this is just a cry for help. I've come here before to get help and support to leave my bf cuz he makes me depressed, miserable and sick to my stomach. I dont have the strenght to leave him. i know excersize will help me keep my mind off him, but the pain and feelings of revenge just wont go away. I know that if i leave him he'll beg for me back, but thats not good enough for the pain he put me through, i want more, more, more.


I have severe anger problems and they are building up inside me uncontrolably right now. I work at 8am and its already 6am. I'm so upset and angry iv been puking all night.


He had people over and invited the girl that he cheated on me with down there right after i left so i could wake up for work... It was a stab in the heart. I'm so angry i cant controle it, so angry.


I'm not looking for ways to get over him, im looking for ways to controle my anger. I've been dealing with it for as long as iv been going out with this guy for and i need to fight it. I just don't know how. Any advice?

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You've been angered since you started dating them, then I think the puzzle solves it self. Then perhaps he is causing you anger as you write, and how to do it? Well it's something about that you need to focus on the goals in your life and not his actions. In order to do this you need to think of wat you want out of the relationship with him, if you don't want anything then perhaps it's time to move on.. .. A good advice to get anger out of the body is to hit on a sandbag, run a lot of miles, write the feelings down and of course talk to others about it... high rock music sometimes also do the puzzle

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anger management is basically down to self control. if you do not wanna exercise, try doing stitching or volunteering at a local voluntary organization. i have been volunteering and helping children and this helps to train my patience and at the same time do something meaningful. hope that helps.

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I love it how woman stay with men that make their lives miserable rather then going out with a nice guy that treat them how they should be treated. You need to slap yourself in the face and ask yourself why you are so stupid to stay with him. You rather be with someone that abuses you then being alone. Listen you CAN be independent from him, you CAN be alone, and you ARE better off without him. You just need someone to slamm it with a hammer into your thick skull to get it thru. And honestly its not because i want to insult you but to make you realise that you need to turn yourself from a woman who loves so much that it hurts, into a woman who loves enough to make the pain stop. Do yourself a favor and leave that guy.

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Hey Girl,


Sounds like you've reached your breaking point. You know this guy is not treating you right, he invited a girl whom he cheated with to spend time with him after you left... he cheated on you ..... does this sound like a guy who loves and respects you?


You know what to do, now you just have to put a plan into action. That means dropping him, focusing on yourself, and working healing. I have a feeling that once you leave him, alot of that anger you are feeling will fade, because you will not be letting him take advantage of you anymore.


And you mentioned exercise, that's a wonderful outlet to manage anger... therapy is another, venting your feelings here is yet another.


Hang in there, girl.

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