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I had a dream, it made me angry

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I don't know if this is the right place to post, but I had a dream of my ex-girlfriend. I dreamt she came over to my apartment, and there a bunch of hickeys on her neck she was not even hiding. I told her off, and told her to get the hell out. "go back to Mark," I said. From there I found myself driving to her workplace to confront her boss, the man she slept with. I have never seen him in real life, so in my dream, I made it my purpose to go and curse him, and tell them both how that that they are cheap and manipulative. When I arrived, the place was empty, they had gone for the day. I continued to walk in my dream, when I found my ex-girl crying in the car I bought her. In reality, I put the down payment on the car. She was crying, and saw me pass. I turned away, as it wasn't her I cared to see. Later in the dream, I was in a line waiting for I don't know what. There she was with him. My mind made up the guy, I know, but he was ugly, and looking like a real low life. When I saw them both together, I walked up to them, and said "hi." It turned out I didn't tell anyone off, as the guy was not anywhere near as good looking, charming, or grand as I had imagined him to be. I didn't shake hands, and I only looked at her and thought, "you can keep it all, and him."


I don't know what the dream means, but I woke up so angry this morning. She calls and comes over. When she does, she tells me about how things aren't going well for her. I don't know what to think except "you chose that." She is reaping what she sowed, obviously. Her boss is now piling more work on to her. Oh well. What did the dream mean, and why was I so angry? I know she misses me, I know she has regret, I know she's still attracted to me. I know these things. Even though I'm not ready for a relationship, I have been getting a lot of female attention, and I think to myself "why go with anything from someone who hurt me?" feeling frustrated, and I hated my dream.

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Hey pacopaco, I was intrigued by your post, but wasn't sure how to respond until I went back to read your other threads (I didn't know your history). Overall, I think you've been so reasonable, calm, gentlemanly... your dream seems to indicate you do indeed have some real anger to process. It seems your anger just found an outlet in your dream, and it rose up mightily to say, "yeah, I'm mad as h---!!!" That's very reasonable too, so roll with. And try not to hate your dream for helping you to get in touch with the anger. Just accept that's all part of the process of healing. Good luck.

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