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Feeling lonely tonight

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Hiya guys. I'm sorry i know there are so many posts talking about this topic.


Usually I feel fine being single. I do hope to be with someone special soon but i'm quite happy being single too until i meet the right guy. It's just tonight that's got to me a bit. Recently I have been on lots of dates but just haven't felt the right spark with anyone.


Tonight I have been round a friends house and the majority of my friends are in relationships and hearing them talk about it and knowing they were going home to someone whom they loved and who loved them just made me feel lonely, a bit like i am the one who's been left out in the rain.


I dunno, it's ok being single but it's hard to see other people so happy when they've got something you wish you had too.

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It is really rare to find that person who you spark with, that's for sure. Your friends are so happy because they were able to find it, but I'm sure it didn't come to them right when they expected it or were hoping for it. It's hard to hear people go on about it when you're not in a relationship. I think the only thing that helps is remembering that you WILL meet the right person and be as happy as they are, and the wait will be worth it.

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Hey Karibo,


I hear you girl...


Amidst their happiness, I'll bet at times those same couples have their trials and tribulations....


Take your singleness as a gift at this time. Use it as a time to develop more of who Karibo really is. Then when the right man comes along, you'll recognize him.



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I am lonely too tonight, hugs to you, but you know what, this loneliness is like a gift. We need to feel that so when the right guy comes, as hoss pointed out, we will be ready for him. It's never good to jump from 1 relationship to the next so enjoy your time alone, find out who karibo really is, and you will benefit greatly. I really can't stand this feeling of aloneness either but I know with time I will be grateful I had it.

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