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i've been told im hot, im sexy, and just amazing...that i can get any guy i want...well its not true...its the guys i want that continue to tell me i can get any guy i want...but i want them, but they wont take me...


i constantly get myself into a FwB situation...i fell for one guy and now i never hear from him anymore..and now im finding myself fallin for another guy...and im scared im gonna lose him...


like why? why do guys tell girls they can get any guy they want? but they don't want them...and continue to tell the girl how hot, and wonderful, etc etc she is...



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Because they want to sleep with you. If you sleep with the guys that only compliment you on your physical attributes or will readily enter into sexual relationships without commitment, you are giving them what they want. You need to respect yourself and stop doing this, stop having sex with men that are not in a committed relationship with you. Demand that you are treated with respect by respecting yourself and caring about your body.

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Being "hot" isn't just about looks. It's about personality and attitude and sometimes a relatively ordinary looking girl has just what it takes.


Also where individual boys are concerned, there's a certain amount of chemistry involved. Something can really draw you to a person, which you can't explain.


Yes. A girl who is really attractive would worry most boys, as they're more afraid of being dumped for someone somehow better than them.

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It took me ages to realise this but even really attractive girls are more approachable than you think and I've even amrried 2 of them and I'm no film star. Does this make me the wrong kind of guy?


Reading an entire post for the win: " but that the right kind of guys wont often approach an extremely attractive girl."

Obviously generalizations dont apply to every single person in every single case. That being said, you've already had 1 failed mairrage, and you subconsciously associate looks with being able to approach attractive women: "I'm no film star"


Anywho. Looks are overrated anyway. They mean absolutely nothing in the dark.

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My failed marriage was due to marrying the wrong person for the wrong reasons. Yes, my initial attraction to her was based on looks and, yes, my wife (2nd) is also a good looking girl, even at 43 but by the time I met her, I was sensible enough to know that sexual chemistry wasn't enough.


Recent marital difficulties have not been caused by a lack of compatibility but due to many negative things that we could not have predicted when we first got married.

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