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some jealousy in love


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A really handsome but nice guy is in love with my friend. It's obvious they are really in love. But the guy is quite a physical person in the sense that he likes to hug and kiss other girls too in a friendly way. Plus he has alot of girls chasing after him.


The guy says my friend is the stabilizing factor in his life and that she understands him best. He makes her jealous sumtimes by hugging other girls purposely in front of her but he cant stop talking about her either..


So how should my friend react to all this?...she feels jealous sumtimes.

If they really love each other then will it be able to overcome everything?

Wat about all the pretty girls that chase after him?

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If she starts a fight, she's going to lose. So that should be out.


I think she either she needs to let it go, or address it in a constructive manner. What's constructive, let him know it bothers her a little and ask him to do it less. She needs to be very calm, and not attacking. She needs to let him know it is his job to make her feel secure. I'd probably let it go.

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