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Hey everyone,


I have started dating my close guy friend whom Ive had feelings for nearly a year. Its been less than a week and Im completely infactuated (I think). Ive never met anyone like him before, he respects me so much! All my ex boyfriends have made a move on me like on the 2nd date or the 2nd time we kiss, however this guy hasnt... Ive told him how much I appricate him and how much I care for him, he also knows that Ive liked him for nearly a year. He was really shocked to find out that Ive liked him for so long, he told me that he has felt the same towards me too.


Now the thing is, today I noticed a friend of ours flirting with him, he wasnt flirting back or anything but she really was asking for his attention, she first leaned over and was reading a book and this resulted in her pants going down and exposing her G-string and her tattoo. Later she said "remember that night that we were messaging eachother heaps?" (apparently this happened on the day he had asked me out), im not dumb or anything, I can tell she likes him, I get really jealous but I dont show it. He hasnt shown any affection towards me when we are with our friends... he does sit with me and is always whispering in my ear...I honestly dont know, should I show some affection towards him??


Another thing... I really like him, but what if he gets sick of me? He says he adores how im independent and I dont expect him to call me every second of the day and others things, however, Im worried, what if he gets sick of me? I havent trusted a man for ages (ever since I was nearly raped by an ex).


I dont knowwwww, this is just a bit of a rant I guess. If anyone has any ideas please let me know



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Wow... 36 views and not ONE COMMENT. Gosh......


Well, I've been with my boyfriend for 6 months now. We've also been good friends for over a year before that and he's liked me that entire time, too.


I think it's sweet how you tell him you appreciate him and care for him. I did the same thing to my boyfriend when we started going out. I've had a lot of jerks in my life and he was finally someone who treated me very well. And I wanted to let him know how great he is. I finally had that sense of comfort and security I've always wanted.


So are you two together now... or in that "pre-official stage"? Since it's still new and everything (a week), I don't think it's much to worry about. He probably wants to take his time because with you, it's more special... because you two have been friends for a while. This was the case between my b/f and I. I even waited 5 days after officially being together with my b/f for our first kiss. He's really special and important to me and I didn't want to go too fast, you know? I think that is your guy's case.


Hmmmm, why would he get sick of you suddenly? Does he show any signs that he will?


And I think it is muchhhh easier to trust someone you've been friends with for a year. You know who he is... HOW he is.


Well, I hoped that helped some. Good luck!

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Showing off g-strings and tattoos must not neccessarily turn him on.


The way you talk of him, her conversation might well turn him off.


Try this, be yourself and watch him. If he goes for her (which I don't think he will), you saved yourself some hassle.


If he doesn't, you understand your prince more.


Keep it very cool about her and your eyes and ears open.


And gently and patiently develop your relationship with him.

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slightly off-topic but i always thought that a girl will never ever date her male friend.... however great he is.

LoL I've heard friends say, "She's like a sister to me" and they end up going out. It's too funny.


I never said that about my boyfriend though when we were friends before.

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