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Should I call her again?

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I met this girl the other day and I THINK she likes me. I've seen her at a few parties, and somehow we always end up gravitating towards each other and talking for over an hour each time. A few of the occasions have been when we both had a few drinks in us.


I finally asked for her number one night and she gave it to me. I called her two days later and talked for a bit, and it turned out we were both going to the same party that same night, so I didn't make any other plans with her. That night, it seemed that she was totally into me. We had our arms around each other the whole night and she took my hand and even led me to the dance floor. While dancing she continued to take my hands and put them around her and then told me she wanted to sit down for awhile. So while on the couch I had my arm around her and she took my other arm and put it around her from the front so I was in essense hugging her. After that night I totally felt she was into me, but wasn't sure since we were both a big drunk. The next day (yesterday) I called her to go get a cup of coffee with me and we met up and talked for about 2 hours. I thought things went pretty well. However she mentioned that she didn't remember much of the previous night (us dancing) so I didn't know whether to take that as her not being interested, her telling the truth, or her just being embarrassed. I'm wondering whether to call her again today or let her contact me. I think I'm over analyzing everything, I have a habit of doing that. I've called her twice before, once which was to ask her to go grab a cup of coffee. I don't want to seem desperate, but I don't want her to feel that I'm not interested either. I also texted her this morning and didn't get a reply back yet. Maybe she's too shy and is waiting for me to call her again, I'm just not sure.


Any advice?

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Sounds like you are off to the races with this girl, and maybe she felt things were going too well, too quickly, so she may be playing up the drunk factor. Follow your heart, but realize that very few things change overnight, so a day off of calling never hurts. If you want to say hi, go ahead, and i think there is enough history there now to maybe bring up the subject of how you're feeling about her, just in the sense that you would like to be more than friends or flirt at parties.....

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A place where you can talk, flirt, and tease her so no movies. If you are a little older, a first date at a coffee shop or a quiet bar. If you are younger, like a teen, then how about miniature golfing? You can tease her about how good you are then you can prove it to her by kicking her butt.

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