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Ok last night I get a text message from my stupid ex. I broke up with him about a month ago because, well, he sucked. He text me once a week later after I broke up with him but I never responded. So fast forward to last night. He says "I would appreciate it if you took my name off of your MySpace account. I had NOOOO idea what he was talking about, he is not mentioned anywhere on my MySpace page. I was mad that he text me and I responded "What the ____ are you talking about?" He said his boy came accross my page and he saw his name with no picture. I have a guy in my friends list with the same name that doesn't have a picture, but he lives accross the country. I text him back and said "Dude, it's not you, get over yourself do you know how many people are named ___?" He then told me to go suck ____. I am soooo mad...I just wanted to vent about how stupid he is.

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Try to ignore him. I think that when you told him it wasn't him in your profile he was just a little mad at himself for being so self-centered and assuming it was in reference to him so he sent you a mean text back. Try to just ignore it if he tries to contact you anymore.

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I can't help but be mean to him. I can honestly say I hate him, and I really don't want anything to do with him. He doesn't take hints at all. I've ignored him but he keeps coming back. I told him also last night to delete my number and he said it had been deleted for a while. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa right.

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Check with your cell phone company what your options are...


Some allow certain selected phone numbers to be blocked if you deem they are harassing unecessarily...


Otherwise your going to have to stake it out and just ignore his texts and reject his calls.


Good luck,



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I would think that he would think it went through. I've sent texts to non existent numbers by accident and my phone said they went through. But I don't think I have to worry about him popping back into my life. I was really mean to him last night. I feel bad but he's done far worse to me.

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