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What is wrong with me ?


I feel empty


I have a well paid Job

I have a comfortable home and a relaible car

I have a beautiful girlfriend who is loving, sincere, honest, saving her honour until when we get married, god fearing, as close as one can ever get to a perfect girlfriend. I love her and take care of her and treat her like a princess,




I feel empty

I feel stuck

I have all I want but i never feel happy


What is wrong with me

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Nothing's wrong with you, it's just that what you have and what you want are two different things. =)


You have a well paying job, but do you enjoy it? Is it what you want to do?


Job dissatisfaction is one of the things that brings us down the fastest, maybe you should step back and look at your priorities, and how the things in your life match up with them at the moment.


Hope this helped =)

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Sorry, but lyrics sometimes have all the answers...

"Well I've searched and I've searched

To find the perfect life

A brand new car and a brand new suit

I even got me a little wife

But wherever I have gone

I was sure to find myself there

You can run all your life

But not go anywhere."

-Social Distortion, "Ball and Chain"


Moral of the story: You can have everything you want in life but happiness, until you are happy with YOURSELF.


Find yourself. Spend some time alone. Figure out just what it is that makes you tick and what you want out of life.

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God, you have all the things you want.


I do hope I could achieve at your level some day.


You could find some new challenges that would spice up your life.


For example, you could do some mountain biking during weekend. Or do things that challenging you mentally.

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Here's a few ways to appreciate what you have:


Volunteer for people less fortunate. Seeing how some people are struggling JUST to survive will open your eyes.


Lose your job....

Lose a limb.........

Lose your wonderful G/F....to someone who IS appreciative.


Just remmember: All of these things can be gone in the blink of an eye.


I think you catch my drift

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Its not that I don't appreciate her, I do, and I take care of her and treat her well and help and support her.


I never take what I have for granted, its just, I don't FEEL anything like my heart is empty.


If I lost my g/f, then id be upset, but i'd move on, start a new relationship later on and then be back to sqaure 1. Its like nothing makes me happy and I don't know why. I hate feeling like this.

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Hi piggypooh,


Somehow I feel that you are not confident about your gf's feelings for you and that your relationship is not satisfying.


It's a question your heart has to answer. Please think about: What are your broken dreams, what is it that you feel missing, what hurt you and what made you angry?


Please look around for more ideas: Wicked.

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Go out with your mates and have some fun that should make you happier. Have some time out with mates, work time, and family time. (more family time over anything though) but you need to have fun with others



Even when I hang out with friends, i don't feel happy, and feel like I just want to be at home. Things I used to enjoy have just become a chore, its like, nothing I do gives me any pleasure or passion. I feel SOO empty and alone. It's like something is missing but I can't explain what. Its like "Happyness" is something that used to be there when I did things but that Happyness has just gone, even when I do the same things. I makes things seem different. I don't feel sad, I just feel that something that was once there isn't there anymore and its beginning to affect my life. I try to have fun but can't, I try to enjoy being with family but i get bored.

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Maybe you need a new challenge. Why not try some videogames or something; maybe take up a board game like Dungeons and Dragons? Or the contrary; why not volunteer to aide the less-fortunate. No matter where you are in the world, there are deprived, incorrigible people that are in need of food, shelter, security, warmth, and love.


Or perhaps, read some of the stories on here if you want to re-assure yourself of how well-off you have it. I wish I had what you did;


-I have no job, and because I'm physically repulsive and screwed up in school, am stuck looking at the bottom of the bottom of the barrel.

-Because of social reasons and the fact that I'm not "cool" or "popular" or "happy" like I'm 'sposed to be like everybody else, I have no girlfriend and gave up hope with women altogether.

-While I have a comfortable home and am not living on the street, I'm probably stuck living with my mom for a long time (which lowers my chance with ANY woman ever) and sometimes choke my neck in hopes that I may free myself from the lonliness and repitition of life.


See; now we have come 'round full circle.


I would tell you to smoke some weed and watch a really funny movie, but I don't know the first thing about women, so I'm not sure if your lady would take kindly to that...

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