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  1. I have to confess, When I was 12, me and my best friend looked at each others "parts" just to see how we were developing. we didn't touch or anything it was just to ....see if "mine was the same as his" you know, teenage insecurities. Also, sometimes guys pretend to be gay as a way of saying to each other "hey, immagine if we really WERE gay" and it can lead to showing off, pretending to touch each other etc but its all irony gone too far. It happens and maybe this is it. Chances are, if your son and all of his friends WERE gay, then they would be too shy to show each other their parts. Big storng men always like to show off, like "locker-room" antics as another poster said. At the end of the day, he's still your son and i'm sure this will blow over in time. Its a good one to tell his future best man !!!!!!!!
  2. Well, I have a progress update and also need some advice. Downgraded my car and should pick it up next week, this will save me £40 per month I transferred my mortgage to a lower rate and will save £90 per month However For every penny saved, there is a pound lost. Following advice from this formum, I rented out my spare room and all was going well but now my lodeger is TWO MONTHS behind in her rent cos SHE has financial problems. She transfered a check of £100 into my bank but got the ACCOUNT NUMBER wrong. She keeps promising me £50 here and there but never coughs up. I accept and am TAKING ACTION for my own financial mess, but WHY WHY WHY do I have to KEEP SUFFERING for another person's mess ?????? I'm doing all I can to save money and cut costs, but my Lodger's probelms are just adding to mine and that ISN'T my fault. I have £500 in my account and £700 of bills due these next two weeks. IF I was getting her rent money, Id be home and dry, the REASON I RENTED THE ROOM OUT in the 1st place. Why is life kicking me in the teeth when I have enough issues to deal with ?
  3. I don't do drugs mate and funny movies are ok but only a short term fix.
  4. Even when I hang out with friends, i don't feel happy, and feel like I just want to be at home. Things I used to enjoy have just become a chore, its like, nothing I do gives me any pleasure or passion. I feel SOO empty and alone. It's like something is missing but I can't explain what. Its like "Happyness" is something that used to be there when I did things but that Happyness has just gone, even when I do the same things. I makes things seem different. I don't feel sad, I just feel that something that was once there isn't there anymore and its beginning to affect my life. I try to have fun but can't, I try to enjoy being with family but i get bored.
  5. Why do people always blame Lack of Discipline as "ADHD" ? That's the problem with the world these days. There is ALWAYS an excuse or a "condition" to hide the real reason why a child misbehaves. Discipline begins in the home. It's the same in schools where pupils are spoon fed and labeled as "learning difficulties" just because their too lazy to even try. Teenagers are difficult, yeah, but if people don't think they can handle parenthood then they shouldn't be parents. Anyway, how to deal with your stepdaughter... (1) List a set of house rules for everybody to follow. Involve the whole family in this and let BOTH children contribute. (2) Tell her what your expectations are but NEVER confront her. Say to her "Tonight this family will have a meeting to discuss some changes that will take place" If she doesn't attend then leave her. Talk WITHOUT her being there. If she screams and yells then let her, That is her trying to get attention so don't give her it. Let her come to you in her time. Show her YOU are in control, not her. (3) Reward good behaviour. If she does good, give her a cuddle, Plan a family outing for everybody, or a shopping trip for her. Give positive encourgement (4) If she screams and yells. Say to her firmly "your behaviour is NOT acceptable and I refuse to talk to you until you have calmed down. Now go to your room and don't leave until you have calmed down" and then leave it at that. Chances are she will throw a tantrum, but let her. let her scream and yell. Just ignore it and soon she will realise that she won't get your attention that way. (4) Never confront, NEVER yell at her. be firm, assertive and show her who is in control. Do the same with your 10 year old and that will also help HER to respect your house rules. Good luck
  6. My response to : "Does this outfit make me look fat ?" Is "No, the outfit's fine, its the pounds of flab on ur podgy a*s that makes you look fat, that and that burger you ate last week" Harsh, but often true !
  7. Eh ? There is a HUGE difference between taking a human life and Jerking off to some pic in a magazine. As I said before, Porn makes a guy feel horny because it targets his deepest animal insticts....thats a fact. Whether its ethical or moral or not is a different argument entirely. Many guys who are in relationships stop looking at porn cos they get enough satisfaction from their sex life but some men look at porn who are IN relationships just because they want to explore by themselves. It doesn't mean they are murderes or want to kill
  8. Do you drive a car ? or use Transport ? Do you use electricty and gas ? Do you have wooden funiture ? Do you throw out garbage ? Do you use air travel ? If you do, then you are JUST AS GUILTY AS ALL OF US for ruining the planet cos we are ALL doing that EVERY DAY with our lifestyles. Being on this planet means we are ALL responsible for looking after it TOGETHER, instead of blaming others for the mess its in. We are SO set in out pathetic little ways that we don't even give a toss about global warming, or pollution. USA is one of the worlds largest polluters and the President doesn't give a stuff. THESE are the values your gonna pass onto your kids and you know what ? the population is already 6 Billion and rising. I too am just as guilty and I want to change the world by planting trees, petitioning my government to plant trees and not raising some snotty nosed brat whoe's gonna want to live off fast food and screw then planet even more.
  9. YES YES YES !!!!!!!!! I AGREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We should look after and sort our OWN problems 1st before introducing new ones. WOW !!!!!!!!!!
  10. i teach 9 year olds all the way up to 17 year olds. I see them grow over the years, I see the best and the worst in them and I KNOW having one of my own is not for me. For me, a child of my own would be a curse from the moment he or she is born. Its like a Phobia. Im 35 now and have felt like this for the past 12 years so this "change as you get older" theory doesn't apply either.
  11. You don't really believe a child can change the world for the better ? We made this world rotten so why burden a kid with OUR mistakes I don't buy the "Selfish Ego" argument as well, I don't want kids cos I have major doubts of my own ability to cope as a parent and at least i'm having the common sense to stand up and be honest to myself and admit that with dignity. I know if I were to have kids, it would be hell for me the emotional stress may make me hurt them, or their mum, not physically, but emotionally, and I don't want to put anybody through that. This isn't about Ego, its about the world, the dangers, and my own failings as a human being that has made me arrive at this decision. That, and my complete lack of paternal incentive.
  12. Pride comes before a fall AND its one of the seven deadly's
  13. ....and eventualy we'll grow old add die. What exactly DO we win ??? What about Hitler's parents. What did they win ?
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