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How Do I Tell Them???

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Ok heres an update:


I'm a Satanist.But my parents don't know yet but they've heard the rumors from other people about me.Whenever they hear the rumors they just say i'm not a Satanist.How do i break it to them that i am without scaring them??I'm also a vampire.I love blood so much!how am i supposed to tell them that without them sending me to a mental institute???


Help please!

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I'm 14 but what happenes if they find that i'm in a cult,a gang and tat i drink my bfs blood and he drinks mine??


Hopefully they will sit down and have a talk with you and perhaps take you to a counselor.


Thats what I would do if I were them.

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I'm really not so concerned about the Satanist thing as I am about the blood drinking and gang banging.


Gang banging will only lead you into serious trouble. I think you should really talk to your parents now about this so they are aware of what is going on. The longer you stay in the gang, the more serious it can become. There is no future there - only a very good chance of ending up addicted to drugs, shot, stabbed, or in prison. And if I were your parent that would be the last thing I'd want for you. I'd want you to have a chance out there.


The blood drinking also tells me you've got some things going on that need the help of a counselor. They won't send you to a mental institution. That's not what this is all about. But I think a good counselor could help you gain some understanding of why you feel the need to do these things.

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But heres the thing i am already in counseling.I tried commiting suicide and i cut my wrists open.u no why?cause i was a reject of society!i was dissed in school,had rocks thrown at me and u know what my teachers did?nothin.some even laughed at it.


Ok, but have you told your counselor these things? Have you been open and honest with them? They cannot help you if you aren't.


It was wrong of the teachers to laugh at you. I would like you to tell your counselor about this because I can see why this would really bother you.

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i dunno...i guess i'm scared to tell others because they'll judge me even more than b4.I'm in a band and its goin great.They're all like me.we all rap and stuff but i dunno...i guess i just don't feel like i belong here.i'd rather b dead than here.


There's nothing wrong with a band. That isn't the point at all. If you enjoy the music that you make together then that's a great thing. It's something you can focus on.


And the counselor will not judge you. They are there to help you. Tell him or her how you are feeling. Ask them for help telling your parents. Tell them you are afraid people will judge you.

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but thats it!i wanna tell them but i'm afraid thats what they might do!and i love my cult and gang and bf!



I "love"...



You've got no idea what you're talking about. Satanism has no place for love...


What a nice bunch of posers you found.



All you are holding on to is to being accepted by these people, the satanism, blood drinking (can be as dangerous as unprotected sex in the disease aspect), gang and whatever else you do, is just the price for being accepted.


Face it, it is not what you want, much less what you love. Your fear of being alone will get you doomed if you dont' learn how to control it, and most important, to accept yourself.

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