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Feeling alittle down today...

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Hi everyone


It's been awhile since I've posted anything. I was doing fine, getting stronger, and things were looking up...


I hit alittle roadbump this morning. I found out through some family friends that my ex is moving to Newfoundland for good. She was living in London, ON, and I'm in Edmonton. We've been apart for 6 months now with little contact since the breakup.


This moving news hit me quite hard. I knew it was over for a long time but this seals the deal. I'm happy that she'll be closer to her family but sad that she'll be furthur away. I know I shouldn't be feeling this but I do. She always loved NFLD and she mentioned she'd love to live there (even when we were together). I guess she got what she wanted.


I'm feeling so many things again, just like 6 months ago. I feel abandoned, left out in the cold, heart ripped out, blah blah blah.... Maybe I thought if she found a job back here in Edmonton that we'd try things again...but I guess it wasn't meant to be since she's found work in NFLD.


She always said that we'd never get back together but being the 'dumpee' I always had hope. Sometimes I still can't get it in mind that 'she left me for her own gain, hurt me in the process, and is not looking back'. I don't know why I give her such power over me. I guess I'm still healing and are bound to go through these stages.


...but things are getting easier. Things are looking up in my life, both career and spirtual wise. I just have to remember what things were like 6 months ago and how much I've changed and grown....


and now I must leave for a coffee date. Wish me luck! You never know what will happen in life.


Thanks for listening to my rant. Keep strong everyone!



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