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Telling someone you love them without words

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Most DEFNITELY...yes!


You can tell by the way they look at you. Do their eyes light up? Do they unconsciously gaze into your eyes? Do they smile at you? Are they enthusiastic when they're around you?


People tend to get animated when they're around the person they're in love with. Sometimes, they may even become really clutsy because they're so excited. Other times, it's just a calm gaze and a gentle smile that really lets you know they truly adore you.


Other things- pictures. When you both take pictures, do they look genuinely happy? You can tell if their smile is sincere or not. It's apparent in their facial muscles, which is so hard to fake, because facial muscles are so intricate and so sensitive to emotions that it's really hard to mask.


Even if a person is a type of person who doesn't wear their heart on their sleeve, you can tell when they're genuintely happy and into someone.

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The eyes really do reveal a lot. Sometimes they're smiling even if the lips aren't. And I've noticed that people in love have this really gentle smile that they "reserve" for each other...and that kind of smile is different from the usual happy or friendly smile that you'd have around others.

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Is it possible to know if someone loves you through eye contact, the way they look at you?


Yes!! Eye contact is one way of connecting with someone on a very intimate, deep basis. The eyes are the windows to the soul, they hold every emotion and thought a person is feeling at that moment.

My boyfriend and I have moments where our eyes meet and it's simply bliss, I can truly see how much he adores me, it's a great experience everytime.

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