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my exbf is dating with the girl who broke us up

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i just found out my exbf started dating the girl who broke us up officially 1 day after we officially broke up.


how do i confront him or her that im deeply hurt? i mean what could possibly make a person go and break up someone elses long-term relationship?


o and im pregnant but i think im going to lose the baby cos i had a really bad fall yesterday.


i totally want to just go kill myself right now or just disappear. i cant stand this hurt.


what am i to do?


p.s he is cheating on her with me...i know that is totally weird. btw what do you guys refer to as cheating?

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First of all, you need to see a doctor, like right NOW. I don't know if you want to keep the baby or not but you should at least see if it's ok. This is your biggest concern right now.


Secondly, if you are sleeping with your ex, stop. It's only going to lead to more heartache, you need him out of your life. Don't confront her. It will not win your ex back. Let her find out on her own how much of a creep he is.

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so what? i should just let him be her 21st bday pressie? and my 19th bday pressie being finding out he is with the girl who broke us up?


we planned to get married until she got involved so insistently. we both believed we were soulmates. im still in love with him and i want him back and thats the truth no matter how much i want to believe its not true.

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"so what? i should just let him be her 21st bday pressie? and my 19th bday pressie being finding out he is with the girl who broke us up?"


Yup. Another girl came between you two, that should tell you something about how much he cares. I'm sorry, soulmates don't get their S/O pregnant and then leave for somebody else, and then continue to cheat with you. This guy's no good. It's hard, but it sounds like you'd be better off without him. I know you care about him and everything, but all he's going to do is break your heart some more if you give him the chance, so don't give him that chance. And how do I define cheating? I define it as common sense...there are too many variables to exactly describe it aside from the obvious sexual interaction

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What about him in all of this mess? You seem very quick to judge the other woman but what about what his actions say about him? Do you honestly think this girl has that much control over another person? You BF is doing exactly what he wants to do. He is not being forced to do something he doesn't already want to do himself. Try and understand that this guy is BAD NEWS. If he really loved you and wanted to be with you then he would be, ya know? Im sorry if this seems harsh but you eventually will reach a point where you will have had enough of all the drama and the effort it reuqires to keep yourslef happy, when he should be the one making you happy in the first place, not making you miserable...

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think i should put him on the spot and make him choose? i really want to do that.


his new gf is doing exactly what i did except apart from being more clingy than me she also wont stop asking him about me and him. at least when she knows im pregnant she would know how far i went with him.

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He has already chosen. I am so sorry you're going through this but look, as much as you're hurting you need to put that on the backburner right now...your top priority right now should be your own physical health and that of your baby! Get to a doctor immediately to make sure your fall did not harm you or your child. Even if it did, you need medical attention. Don't let your ex cause you to spiral into depression and poor physical health...I've been there (I wasn't pregannt but I was depressed and did lose a lot of weight) and I can tell you that it's not, absolutely 100% not worth it! At a point, you will look back at this guy and realize how little you want him. He will have to take responsibility for this child as well (at least as far as the law provides for) but right now you need to get yourself some prenatal care.

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