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Im feeling really sad and lonely just now :(

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Hey everyone,


Im not sure what else to say on here. Ive been visiting this website for a long time and have had a lot of amazing advice. Thank you all


Tonight im just feeling really really sad and lonely. Thats the only problem about living in your own home, there's no one around to comfort you. Ive been thinking about my ex a lot and i just cant seem to stop. Ive tried keeping myself busy and going out and doing things but i cant get him out of my mind wherever i go Its been 4 months now and the pain is just as raw as the start. I would do anything to get that happiness back in my life again, to feel, well...normal i suppose. Just to walk about and do things without having pain in my heart and stomach. I long for it back more than anything in the world


Sorry, just wanted to talk although im probably not making any sense lol x

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hi coolchick,


here's my story


I lived with my ex, and i'm who stayed in our apartment. she left. for me, the apartment was one big memory of everything. I moved all my things into what used to be her closet, and for a while, i had to slam the door to hear a sound different from the one she would make when closing the door. it was so painful. I couldn't do anything, because everything was a reminder.

I am now starting to enjoy living by myself, and I see her as part of MY HISTORY there. The chapter with her in it is over now, and it isn't coming back. the page is written, and it's been turned.

If you're having a hard time, leave the house. you don't have to be home all the time. I did. i'd go out by myself. walk on the beach, anything to be out and gone, and i'd only come back to sleep. I know it's so painful, but as I am healing (and i feel it) you will too. trust me. don't feel lonley, you have a whole forum of people who can relate.

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I can totally relate to you. I feel the same way everytime I wake up. I have hit the gym hard just to get away for an hour or two. But even away from home she still is all I can think about. But for some reason I feel strong today because 2 days agos she sent me this email.


"I hate how things are between us. I feel like nothing is kept between us

anymore. I miss my best friend, the guy that I could tell anything to and

who knew me better than anyone"


The next day she called me...twice in fact. I did not return her calls. For once I feel like having her dangling on the strings and not me. I may call her tonight but perhaps one more day of waiting on her part may do her some good. Good luck dear it does get better...

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Thank you everyone thats replied, it was really nice to read some feedback and it made me feel better that there are people here who listen Thank you all. We dont need our ex's. Them being out our lives just makes more room for nice, genuine people to be in it instead

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hey coolchick!


guess who?!

aw chick if you ever need a chat just give me a wee call. thanks for that text btw it was really sweet but i couldnt send you one back cause i had no cred on ma fone lol.


cheers for introducing me to this site - its helped me loads. owe you big time!


i am finally over my ex and i am soo happy - it will happen to you as well hun wait and see! nice to see you on this again! mwah!

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