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I know that for the most part, this forum is talking about maintaining a relationship with an ex but I'm looking for a differant perspective. My girlfriend and I have been together for a while now and her ex calls her at least a few times a week, sometimes more. There had been a few times that I got a little uncomfortable with the consistency of his calling but she always keeps me in the loop and lets me know about their conversations. She obviously makes a solid effort to keep me comfortable and I was starting to feel a whole lot better about the whole thing. Then he started calling even more and I asked her what he wants and told her that I think he may have an agenda. She told me that she didn't think so but then he told her that he misses her, and he sees her in his future. She told him that she's done with him and that their relationship is in the past, that she's happy with me now. He still calls consistantly and I'm just trying to figure out how I should deal with this. I trust her completely but at this point it just bothers me that he has such disrespect for out relationship.

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Have you told her that his constant calling makes you a little uncomfortable. I mean it sounds like your gf is doing all she can to keep you comfortable but I dunno she sees him as a friend and obviously he wants more. I would talk to her, nothing confrontational but how she would feel about talking to him less. BE careful though you don't want her thinking you're jealous. Just be honest with her.

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No, at this point I'm not trying to get her to talk to him less, I know she's handling it the best she can. It's just kind of weird when he calls and she tells me what he says, I want to know, I just don't know what to tell her afterwards. I want her to know that she can talk to me about that, but normaly she tells me and I tell her "ok". I'm wondering if there something more I should be telling her or if she's looking for some sort of validation.

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