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Hey everyone, need input ...


I met up with some friends for coffee tonight after they had gone out to dinner. The only two other girls in the group of us (2 guys and 3 girls total) are best friends... Anyways, during dinner, one of the girls got up a few times to use the bathroom. The last time she did, the other girl joined her. They were gone a long time and when they came back, we all decided to leave.


Anyways, wayyyy later (when I was at home) I looked at my cell phone and saw that they had texted me while in the bathroom saying that they both felt left out of the conversation. I have no idea why they said that, because one of them was talking a lot. Only the other girl wasn't talking at all. I think she was uncomfortable with me being there because honestly, I think she likes my guy friend who was out with us, and she probably knows (from the other girl) that me and him have a "past" so to speak.. so she got really quiet when I was there. I also think the one girl said "WE are feeling left out" because she didn't want to put it all on her friend. Anyways, I tried to text back asking what I had done to make them uncomfortable, but got no answer.


We didn't talk about anything that she couldn't talk about too, or people she didn't know... I don't know what to do if they ask me to hang out again, which I know they will because the 2 guys in the group are my good friends and always want me to hang out. My instinct tells me to say no, but I don't know what to do or say when they ask. Should I just say something like, "Well it seems I made your friend uncomfortable, so I'd prefer not going" or just make up another excuse??


I strongly suspect it is because she likes my guy friend... if I don't go, should I tell him the truth about why I'm not coming?


Any advice appreciated!

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i would have a face to face convo with the girl and perhaps the other one too who send you that message.....clear the things up, you need to know why the heck you are being treated like that.


If still they have problems....tell your guy friends about the problem i am sure they will understand why you not hanging out with them. Cause one excuse may lead to another , they might think you are avoidin them for some reason.....not good, tell them the truth.


Thats pretty immature on their part though.

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