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well here goes my son has been in and out of groups homes because he doesnt like school. He cusses the teacher out and now he is going to a wildness camp wednesday. I will be sad and i am hurt because sometimes i think it is my fault because i separated from his dad when he was 10 i am now divorced and remarried. he gets alone with his stepdad and we are going to miss him. i just wish he would learn his lesson and go to school when he gets back home with us. he is the baby of the family.so i was just wandering if any one has some advice i sure could use some.

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I'm very sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time with this. Is home schooling an option? This may allow you to address his issues while keeping him current on his schooling. Counseling should certainly be implemented if not already in place. The separation and divorce could certainly be a factor but there may be more to it such as a learning disability which can be determined with testing. He may have anger issues with authority figures or a lesser form of turret syndrome. To me it sounds as if he is rebelling. Don't blame yourself, you did what you felt was best for you and your family at the time.



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