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My friend has a fear can anyone help

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Hi my friend she has a fear of going into assembly. Those of you who don't know what that is, its when in school the whole school get together go into one big hall and the headmaster talks about things basicaly.


Well yes she has developed a fear of going into assembly. Or into an exam (is in same hall if thats of any relevance).


Basicaly as far as I can gather she starts having a small panic attack.

- Her vision blurs

- Goes dizzy

- Breaks out in a sweat.


Could anyone help me and shed some light on this and what she can do. As she is missing school just so she doesn't have to go to assembly and also affecting her grades as she struggles in exams.

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Hello, it's very nice you are trying to help your friend. It seems to me she has social anxiety, it would be better if a doctor saw her and diagnosed her, the problem can increase with time if unattended.


What you can do is try to help her feel more comfortable in social situations, tell her you'll be right there if she needs you, if you see her getting nervous help her get an excuse and take her to a "safe place", plan small things, make sure she's comfortable with the idea and never push her limits, if she says "enough" you must respect it otherwise she'll be more fearful and think there's no way for her to gain control. This problem can only get cured by facing the situations she fears, so the solution is to not allow her to stay home or run away, it's difficult for her to face things that make her heart race and her whole body have so much stress to the point of feeling dizzy, that's why pills can be prescribed in some cases, but, she just has to keep going, her life can't end with this.

Good luck to both.

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