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i wanna love her but.............

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so i met this girl S she is absolutely gorgeous and i really like her fact is i think ive fallen for her but ive never been the 1 for relationships truthfully im known to be a playa amongst my friends and she has gotten the idea that well i might still be up to my old antics but im not i have had many opppurtunities to cheat trust me but i just dont want 2 i think i messed up when i told her i do get tempted. I want to be with her ive tried tellin her this reassuring her as many times as necessary but to no avail she finds lil things to start fights ilike the fact that chicks that i use to mess with still keep in contact even tho we are nothing more than friends its drivin me crazy ive never had to deal with this at all yet i want to be with her and make it work its been less than 2 months but i feel like ive known her for years im completely swept off my feet. she says she loves me and i believe her but i have serious trust issues so im very jealous im just so frustrated i think there are things that she isnt tellin me like if it is truly over between her and her ex and what her life really was like back home what do i do...................................

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Try and be patient.


She knows about your reputation from the past. You've got to prove that you've changed. The only way to do this is to be patient and understand the doubts that are going through her mind.


As time passes and you are still with her the trust issue will go away.


It sounds like you haven't had a relationship for this long before. If that's the case you are bound to be jealous. Also, you maybe thinking that everyone is doing the same as you used to. You've got to learn to trust her.


I hope your relationship works out.


Good luck and take care.

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I agree with Tigris - you have the rep. and you have to live it down. And it doesn't help you if you show jealousy about her - trust is a two way street.


Calm down, show her that you trust her and that will help her know that you are trustworthy.

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I agree.


Show her that those other girls really don't mean anything to you. If your friendships with them are not that serious or you don't really benefit from them, why let them drag on and annoy your current gf (just saying this theoretically)


I had a similar problem with my boyfriend before we started dating. We were both talking to people while we were just friends. When we started dating the girl he was talking to would constantly call, email, basically stalks him. I never said anything about it because it was none of my business but it bothered me, even though he was never anything more than civil and sometimes even a little harsh to her. Meanwhile, I cut off the other guy I was talking to because it wasn't leading anywhere on a friendship level and I didn't want to jeopardize the relationship. When the guy randomly emailed me one day, (when his previous girl was still averaging 6 calls a day) HE got mad. I explained and compared his situation with mine and he basically cut her off. She doesn't call anymore, doesn't email, doesn't contact him. Sometimes cutting off "friendships" are beneficial. Are they worth the stress in your relationship?

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Baby, if u want advise try not to ask on the same site that I turn to for support.


If u want to know if I'm over my ex.....ask me. For the record.....I am.


I do love you and want to make our relationship work.....we both need to work out whatever trust issues we have. It is not helping through when ur ex sends u a text that says...."I miss you more...".......So lets ask everyone what the hell that means......may-be I am wrong but I think that would suggest that u first told her that u miss her and she said....I miss you more....right??????



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I think it would be much better for you folks to sort out your issues face to face rather than on here. We may or may not give good advice but we probably won't make good referees.


Good luck to you - sounds like you love each other enough to work out your problems.

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