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Posting here so i don't break NC

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Have been tempted to break NC as really missing my ex.


I have no idea where she is in the world could be Austrailia could be USA.


Sent email on 12th sEpt with no reply.


Really missing her alot things ended so badly that it hurts that she never replied to my mail.


I have been dealing with depression since and now my doctor is sending me for blood tests as she thinks i may have something more as i dont seem to be getting any better constantly tired. So want to contact my ex but whats the point i reached out a month ago and no reply so i need to let go


Thanks for reading i wrote this instead of mailing her.



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thank you i think with everything going on i am wise to post here as well she wouldnt want to hear about what is going on in my life.


We tried to be friends but i was so hurt and upset along with being ill that my behaviour was somewhat 'crazy' so, i pushed her aqay.


I know that i wont see her for another 10 months as she is away but i miss her friendship.


I saw one of her friend on Friday who gave me a hug and asked how i was so i know that they have regular contact but i reallly dont want anything bar friendship although i love her so.

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Things will get better as time goes by, trust me. Think about a former ex that you have had when the two of you broke up and how hard it was for you to get over things. Eventually you got over it and moved on with your life. This situation is no different, you will survive and move on to find that special person.


Try to stay busy so your not constantly thinking of her, go out with your friends, go to the gym, do something fun.

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