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how do i know what he wants?


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ok, I have been going through this alot latley. I meet a guy, like him but we never discuss "us"... we get involved, and then it just falls apart, because he wasn't expecting anything more than friends with a little something on the side... if you're interested in something more than just "friends" you need to make that clear... you can tell him you like him.. that you want to get to know him better.... trust me, if he's in it for one thing only, you'll know the difference. He'll treat you more like a convenience thing. He'll call you when he has nothign better to do... see you when everyone else is busy... that kind fo thing, and trust me, it dosen't feel good. Set the grounds with this guy now... if it dosen't work out, at least you won't be wasting your time on someone that isn't interested in the same thing as you are. Good luck hun.

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