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is she shy, or just not interested? what are your thoughts?

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there's a girl that i've been trying to talk to at school this year. we haven't talked too much though, usually we talk about silly little things like"hey i saw your here" or "what did you do this weekend", blah blah blah. it's really difficult talking to her, and i've never had such a problem. i'd back off and forget about her entirely if she didn't seem to light up and smile so much everytime i say hi or engage in "small talk"...i know for a fact that she is shy, she's very quiet in class, however she seems to be really relaxed around her friends outside of class, i'm not sure if she's really focused on school, or she just doesn't want to talk to me, haha. anyways, another KEY POINT is i'm not sure if she is single or not either, however, i'm pretty sure she is, and what is a polite way to ask? i don't really know any of her friends and i'm not going to be blunt and ask her considering we don't even talk that much...also, any ideas on conversation breakers that you guys would like to share? this is really frustrating, but thank you for your time!! i really do appreciate it!


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If you are taking classes together, you can talk about those. Invent a reason why you should talk longer than a few minutes in the hallway: e.g. to go over some material together to prepare for a test, to have her explain something to you, to work on a project together,...


Then ask her to stay a bit longer after school for this. Suggest to do it over a coffee, and say "if your boyfriend doesn't mind."

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