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Ok theres a back story to my situation and Im gona sum it up quickly because thats not the point of this post. Simply put, one of my best girlfriends accidentally told me her best friend thought I was cute. We had never met before but I knew of her and how pretty she is. She's 2 grades higher and a little over a year older than me. (14 months) Anyhow I had just been through a break up and a big burden I had been talking to a girl I should have stayed away from.( I never did anything I never met her).. Anyhow back to the story, I added her on icq and I made progress I acted like I didnt know she knew who I was. And she mentioned going out sometime then my friend found out and was mad. She told the girl to date older guys and stay away from me. Anyhow to make a long story short this happened a few months ago and me and the girl have stayed friends and all and we came close to dating and she's had a bf or 2 and I've remained single.......

Then I saw her face to face close face to face. It was the first day of school and she looked amazing.. We didnt talk it was lunch and we both found out friends and that was it. The one time I had a good opportunity to talk to her was at the fair, but when I saw her my friend (the one who backstabbed me) comes up and starts leaning on me with her elbow on my shoulder and that just made me completely nervous and couldnt think straight. So there went that I tried again at a football game but she didnt hear me.. So I tried once more to talk to her I asked her about something and then I asked how she was and she ignored me I even said her name is gona ignore me..and she laughed and that was that.. I just dont know what to do.

She ignored me on icq for a few weeks but is talking to me again and all that. But i just dont know what to do I cant talk to her.. I over complicated things and cant do it for some reason.. And simply put Im crazy about her.. shes a great girl, really pretty, and fun. Shes just about perfect for me.. but I just dont know if I can re-kindle what was once there and now maybe gone?.. Any suggestions? I still dont know why my one friend did me the way she did she usually helps me out and I help he out we've never dated and simply put shes out of my league shes the most popular girl in my grade?.. anyhow thanks



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