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Umm lemme start this out by sayin theres this girl that told me that she liked me and i like her back and all that ... but we like hungout 3 times or so and we jus chill and stuff and while I was in the house like we started holding hands and she didnt have a problem with it but i was wondering was I takin 2 far by doin that or it aint no big deal ??? she still seems 2 talk 2 me like the same way and stuff but she also said she likes one of my friends to so i dnt kno ... any advice thanks ...




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i dont think you took it too far either... i mean holding hands to me isnt a big deal, but for you it may be, each person's attitude towards things like that is different. If you trutfully think she likes you, ask her to a movie or something or cuddle up to her a little more than you do... put your arm around her hug her... girls like that or at least i do

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She let you hold her hand, big clue there. I'd never let a guy I didn't like hold my hand.


Personally I find it a little strange that she mentioned liking one of your friends... It could mean a lot of diffrent things though, so I wouldn't worry about it.

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exactly ... she mentioned she liked one of my friends ... i dnt even kno ... yea holdin hands not a big deal tho ... were still like tight and everythin but i dnt kno if my friend is winning her ova or not lol so im sorta confused so im prolly jus guna forget about her

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