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Clean Shaven (not down there)

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I shave my face everyday, but I have a problem. About 12 years ago I sported a goatee (strickly to buy porn because I looked about 5 years younger than my actual age back then) I wore it for about 2 years but then I shaved it off. However, even though I am cleanly shaven you can still see the imprint of the goatee and no matter how much I shave and cut the bejezus out of myself, it's still there.


My question is, how can I get that former goatee area the same color and clean shaven look as the rest of the skin on my face? I also tend to get 5:00 shadow around 2:45. I hate it.

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if you want a clean shave , be sure to use a manual shaver . The ones with 3 blades ( mach 3 should work ) does the job for me . Darkblue said "going with the grain. Then, go against the grain for a closer shave" . That helps also .


I grow a chinstrap and I know how anoying it is to not destroy that thing . Takes me about 30 minutes each time i shave (i shave every other day ) to get it right ( especially since I make the strap pretty thin ) .

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I agree with the other posters. I also use the Mach 3 and the triple blade works real well. I even go "against the grain" to get that slick close shave. Also, there's nothing wrong with the 5'0clock shadow, I have a goatee with my moustache connected a beard, not the full thing and I trim it daily with a beard trimmer to get that 5' clock look. However I don't connect my sideburns and shave underneath my chin.. (neck). I don't usually cut myself going against it, but It does cause alot more irritation in which I use Vera Blue (or whatever it is) for aftershave.

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