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How can I get this girl to talk to me?


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I have a quick question. How can you get a girl to talk to you if she won't talk to you when you try to talking to her? There is this girl I really need to talk to but she either goes away or ignores me.


Any suggestions on what to do or in what ways I can get her to listen to me for 30 seconds?

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I would suggest you back off a little, you may be a bit to aggressive and it might be turning her off towards you. And the other thing is she might not like you at all as hard as that might be to swallow, so if your looking to ever have a shot at her in the future. Back off and play it cool !


Relax and take it easy......I think you might have allot better results.


Good Luck





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This will take time to do. It's simply a matter of training her to adhere to the way you want her to behave.


Start off by saying hi to her. If she doesn't say anything, walk away without an attitude. Then, next time you see her, say hi again. If she responds the same way, fine, walk away. Then, say hi again. If she says hi back, just smile and walk away. Do this a few times, and you'll train her that saying "hi" back to you is ok, and that you're a safe person to talk to.


Then, you can say, "hi, how's it going" after you're getting her to say "hi" back to you. Again, if she's not responsive just walk away and appear that you're fine with he behavior. Eventually though, she'll answer your question and before you know it, you'll be in a conversation with her. Then and only then, will you get your question answered.


When dealing with people, sometimes indirect is much more effective even though it might cost you time. BUT, my method might guarantee you get what you want from her, so give it a try. Good luck.

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dude, you gotta make her think that you arent interested in her, thats what triggers the attraction in most females, that fact that like every other guy is, you arent being a big wuss and sucking up to her, just keep it short and sweet bust on her a little bit, see how that goes...i might be a random guy on the internet but trust me on this one....it does work

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