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Finally Things Are Looking Better


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Hey everyone. Today was a great day in college. I didnt have my paper finished and it was due later on during the day, so I went into the writing lab on campus and ran into this really attractive girl that is in my English Class. As I walked in, I saw her and kept strong eye contact with a smile and she waved to me. Then I skipped signing in and went straight to her to talk to her, and we talked for about 5 minutes and she left. She was surprised that I didnt have my paper finished because class started in an hour. So after she left, I went ahead and typed up my paper and walked into class about 15 minutes late. I walked right past her and saw her smiling and shaking her head. After class I talked to her as we walked out, but I didnt realize that she had to go a separate way. So she basically said see you tomorrow, and I really wanted to ask her for her Aim address. But missed out. Do you think that asking for her AIM is a good idea the next time I see her? Or should I just ask for her number or coffee sometime?

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