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Having trouble re-establishing a connection with a girl.


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Hello, I am a college sophomore in need of some advice. For the longest time, I have had a crush on a girl, and at the end of the second semester as a freshman, she began to randomly initiate conversations with me...which she never does with anyone; she is the quiet girl who keeps to herself no matter the circumstances. This somewhat gave me the impression that she was interested in me, but I do not know for sure. We only spoke to each other about 3 or 4 times before going home for summer break.


Now, we are back at school, and I simply can't bring myself to talk to her...we are in one class, but the proximity is not close, and whenever I see her in the halls or on campus, she looks away from me (I am a very friendly guy, so I always say hi to people I know...but they usually look in my general direction). Thus, I don't really even acknowledge her, and her reaction makes me feel like looking away and being evasive, too.


This girl has been characterized as shier than I am, and that is quite a feat, in my opinion. However, I simply do not see a way of re-establishing a friendship without freaking her out or alluding to the fact that I like her right away. I fear that if I randomly spoke to her one day, she would think that I was a stalker or a loser. Any and all ideas are more than appreciated.

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