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Just Firends for now! but im falling for her NEED HELP

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I think i am falling for a firend, i asked her if she wanted to go on a date and i got this responce:


i would rather just be friends right now cause if we ever broke up then we would like hate eachother

so how bout we just stay friends for now?


Do i still have a chance all i asked was for a date. she meams a lot to me. she waves to me when i pass her in the hall. we talk for hours over AIM. do HW together almost daily. she has had some bad relationships in the past so i think she needs time to recover. i think about her a lot. she sared her history with me and i feel bad for her. im just in such a pickle right now. everytime i see her, my heart skips a beat and i get sick to my stomic, i have never felt this before. i think this is true love but she wants to be firends for now. any ideas on how i can show her i trully care for her but not break up the firendship and hopfully get her to be my girlfriend end.

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