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hi guys

just want a little advice if you have time. i was visiting friends 4 hours away for the weekend and i met a really awesome guy....and i think i really like him. he's really sweet and shy and good looking, we stayed up all night chatting and made out a little bit...

but on sunday when i left my friends place. i just left it at that. i didn't ask for his info or anything, b/c i thought well, it's hopeless. i just got out of a relationship a few months ago as did he, and his last one was long distance.

but i was talking to my friends about him and they told me that he really lieked me, and i really liked him too. they said he asked for my email address on tuesday, so i told her to go ahead and give it to him...and i know it hasn't been long, but he hasnt' emailed yet,

do you think he's just not interested? should i email him? i'm really shy to is the thing. and i know i'm not completely over my ex by any means, but i really don't want to miss out on the chance to get to know this guy better.

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Are you kidding? If I was this guy and got an email from you, I would be happy! It means that you took the initiative, and showed a stronger interest in him. In my opinion, you should e-mail him. Whats the worst that could happen? Is he going to hate you for saying hi? NO. He is going to be happily surprised and will defenetly e-mail back. And in this e-mail, get his phone number, or give him yours. It'll make things better. You will finally be able to talk and possibly go out and do somethig with him.


/2 cents


Hope it works out!



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thanks doc!

i did email him a few days ago, but i guesshe's out of the office till today. so i still haven't gotten a response. i kept it simple, 2 sentences and a cute joke.... should i be worried that i still haven't gotten a response. he really seemed to like me.

oh well. i'll just try not to think about it....

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so he got bak last night, and i have a friend that works for the same company, so i know they can't check they're email when they're away....but this was his reply to my earlier email....


"Hey! Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you but I wasn't at work the beginning of this week. I actually got to go on a little trip to xxxx for a seminar for my next exam so I took advantage of the trip and left last Fri to meet up with some good friends of mine from college before the seminar. Now I'm back and what I learned during the seminar is how much I don't know, so for the next month I'll have to do some really hardcore studying.


How is everything going with you? Having a good time in xxxx?


Anyway, it was a lot of fun hanging out with you here, so some time we'll have to do it again."



what do you think? i replied back with what i'd been doing and a couple of cute jokes;....i think i put something in there saying "it's just nice to know there are still nice guys out there" stupid huh?


anyways, should there be a next step? he didn't ask me to have his babies or anything...so should i give up? save some self esteem?

what do i do?

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