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  1. i agree with what bethany says. Be really ready and wet. aslo you need to be relaxed..or your muscles tighten up..this happened to me the first few times i tried sex...and it was painfull..and just wasn't guna happen! when i got with my bf i was still quite new to sex.....and it was sometimes panifull, mostly just uncomfortable...so i didn't even like it much to start with. But it got better and better and better!! Who is the guy you are with? is it your boyfriend? talk to him, does he know you are new to sex? My bf even though he knew i had only had sex a few times, wanted it all the time and i got frustrated how he didn't understand that i wasnt used to it yet. I hope the guy is somone you trust and care for...it makes it so much better. don't be put off by it just tell him to go gental. And trust me everytime will get better!
  2. yes of course it is. I don't think of celebs but of the guy i am seeing/fancy at that moment. As someone else said i don't know celebs and can't get them. If i fancy a guy...i think of him and what i wana do. Right now...i always think of my bf.
  3. hey guys. my biggest problem...is what i am going to do with my life. i got good gcses. a levels BCC in maths, physics and biology ( god knows why i took them ) then i had a year out working in a shop and in as a waitress. I tried psychology at uni but dropped out after the first term. i haven't done anything since due to mia/depression. I don't even have a part time job. i can't stop thinging what to do next. I have a place to do fashion design and forcasting at a collage starting in september. But i can't just go and do that becasue i have nothing else to do. i don't think i will be very good at it. And im scared i will do that get into debt, finshish the degree,...and then not have a job. Im thinking of getting into a job and working my way up, just from having my alevels i suppose. but i have no idea where to start. what to do/where to look. I am so down and feel so huge at the mo i can't even walk to the shopS! I know i need to sort myself out but i just dont know where to start.
  4. thakyou. coffegirl - buying presents makes me feel good too. i brought her a necklace ages ago. i just don't want to be down on her birthday..as it will ruin her day. thats a really nice idea about the notebook you had...i might do that. i'm going to try get some sleep, then off to doctors tomorrow. hugs to you all xxx
  5. heya. im in the same boat. i dont know how i'm going to get through tonight. i need someone to reach to...but there's no one there. i hope we can both get through it. x
  6. heya thankyou...good to know im not the only one ! x
  7. ive got depression...maybe bi -polar... right now i feel really really bad...i have no one around me to talk to. it's my mum's birthday tomorrow and i don't know what i am going to do. i don't even know how to get through tonight.... i just need to hang on... please i just wana know someone's out there!
  8. i am thinking of getting some, so far i have found these two: link removed and link removed does anyone know which is best?? ive heard there are diff types: isolates, concentrates and mixes ( which release protein slower.) isolates have more protein and are used for morning and after workouts, isolates are more expensive, anyone know if they are actually better? and is the gnc product an isolate? anyone know be greatly appreciated! thankyou! SAS XXXX
  9. lol so glad i sarted this thread!!! renaisancewoman - gaining weight is soooo pooh, my mum keeps telling me i need to loose, just cuz she is such a gorg slim * * * * *!!!urghhh!!!! Lunabell - lol about sick people, i cant talk as i have a cough right now, but yeh hated it when i was at work/school and peeps came in coughing all over you.STAY AT HOME!!!! Tranquile - what are you doing with your bf?!!hope u went to the dance and found someone better!!! Antilove- superstar- no exactly how you feel, even if i get outa bed in the morns thats an acievement for me. thakidoo1- if you spend 90% of time alone at home how do you expect to find anyone?!!!!!!!know how it is though spending a lota time at home, i am like that right now cuz feel poo. sorry to hear how you feel about your sexuality.....it shouldnt be like that should it!be you and be proud!so what what others think. i aint a job right now either cuz i feel like * * * *,lol. and i dont drive so unless i get driven, have to get buses/trains to go see my bf. i have no life too right now ( yes as youv guessed due to feeling * * * *!(about my weight!!!!!)) and i HATE people saying "havent you got a job yet, sort yourself out" * * * * off!!!!!got nothing to do with them!!!!God we sound so similar!! Foxlocke - haha on ur third point!! ....er dont we need water??!!!! now when its lightening and it stricks you that might be more understanding!!point 4 rents!!!!!!!!what r they like!think we need to kill all rude and sarcastic people, know exactly what you mean. ---------------------------------------------------------- ok so yeh lets hope i don have genital worts!!!lol. another fwe things annoying me today!!!! * i have a bloody bill through for like £273 (for accomadation from uni - i dropped out) although a mistake has been made and i shouldn have to pay as ive already paid £200 and whatever and i have already phoned and they still say i have to pay it urrrgghhh i am writing a letter!!!!!!stupid people. * i have to go to stay with family today and tomoz and i feel like * * * *, and dont wana go have to put on a smiley face like everything in my life is hunky dorey!!!!
  10. write a diary maybe to show when/why/where your ups and downs occur. what do you think of that your husband does? why dont you talk about things? and your thinking of things that will make you sad, anti d's cant make that go away, and like someone else said it cant make the events go away, it cant make a problem just disappear. But then as you said sometimes you feel down due to no reason...maybe anti d's could help here. i duno talk it over with your doc, you can always come off them. but if you do go on them, and do anyway, keep a diray, so you can see if they are helping or not. They also take a while to get in your system. I have taken them now for about a year. i have suffered bad depression, due to problems like no belonging anywhere, being lonely, and a big one for me i have bulimia. the anti d's cant make these probs go away but i was soo desparate at the time.. i would try anything. i dont even know how well they worked. i should have kept a diray which i do now. i went up to 3 a day, but now reduced to one. changes i noticed in myself, i felt more confident, i was a lot more social, i felt hyper at times, i could be up in the clouds one min and down in the dumps the next, i couldnt sleep well and still can't, i felt like i was racing and couldnt relax at all. maybe reducing them these affects will decrease, i will see how i go. i duno if these things were due to them, but thats what happened when i was taking them. also time of the month!!!yuck yuck yuck. its natrual to feel down, any probs seem to maximise by a million at this time. i have just brought some vitamins for women ...which contain things like magnesium, zink etc which are supposed to help, also exercise...getting out in the fresh air... you have a child and a husband! share and treasure moments with them. and talk to your husband about everything you feel and to friends/family. even see a councillor if you want, but make sure you find one thats right for you. hope you get the support you need and feel better soon . LOVE SUGAR X
  11. i mean public records. i cant believe im actually thinking theres things he's not telling me.im so blonde i dont know anything about this sort of stuff... im just gona shut up now if i dont trust him..its never gona work.
  12. ok so court records can i actually find out on the net?god i feel so horrible, i dont trust him
  13. hello peeps havent had a good day today and have stuffed myself stupid with junk food and would usually go barf up, but i really need to try harder. i promised to my guy and my best gf that i would never make myself sick again...so tonight i am stuffed and uncomfortable...but i promised and they are the only two peeps i wana live for. duno what i would do without them, which is why i was annoyed at my guy for what happened today, if anyone has read my other threads. but so far the food is staying down. this is gona be the toughest time of my life. i need a new release. but i know i cant turn to bulimia because i want to LIVE and i want a LIFE!
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