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I wrote this for a girl i really like



sunrays dancing from your glittering eyes

wind fluttering through your precious hair

Scattering the scent of your endless beauty

Like rose petals through the warm summer air


As i approach you at the doorstep

and i see the smile on your pretty face

you bring my heart a happiness

that all the universe couldnt replace


every time im with you

the chains of life are just the past

the day passes us so quickly

but i wish it could forever last


Its hard to explain this feeling

that i feel when you're by my side

it tell me to whisper sweet words to your ear

then hold and kiss you through the night


if a picture is worth a thousand words

then why do i lack the one to show

how much you trully mean to me

this is what i long to know


only three words cand describe this ecstasy

that flows in my heart up and through

these words you should remember forever

because Diana, I love you

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