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me and my ex boyfriend were together for 2 years well almost it ws a year and 11 months. well one day to another he changed his mind on how he felt towards me. we broke up with really no reason why. i just dont see how he could leave me just like that after all we had been through without any real reason why. its really hard to get over him its been almost 9 months now and im still not 100% over him its really hard. now im with somone else we have been together for 4 months and it seems like im always comparing him to my ex in every way possible. hes nothing like my ex and all i want is for me and him to be together again. is it wrong for me to continue feeling this way after 9 months. should i not be with the guy im with now or is that a good way to make steps to getting over my ex. if this makes sense to anyone please help!

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Its ok that its taking you a while to get over your ex. You know what? Its taking me a while too. And why shouldnt it? If you love someone a lot - 10 months really isnt so long.


Just keep cool with things. I dont know if being with someone is a good idea or not. Sometimes it is sometimes it isnt. If you dont like this new guy though it wont help anything. If you really do like this new guy try to understand that hes different then your ex and you can love those differences just like you loved them in your ex.

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I pretty much agree with HajiMaji. It takes time to get over someone you love and I don't really think there is a time limit. Every person and each relationship is unique.


I do not believe in using someone else to get over a lost love. It doesn't work and it's not fair to either one of the parties involved. If you do not feel ready to give your heart to another then it's probably not a good idea to be in a reltionship.


I hope that your pain will subside soon and that your heart will fill with smiles!!


Take care!

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I agree with the previous posts. It seems to me that you are not "ready" for a new relationship, even though you have been with him for 4 months now. Its seems to me it had more to do with a "rebound" and "security" rather then appreciating this new guy and what he has to offer you.


You are still in a lot of pain, and that is normal. It will take a long time to get over you ex boyfriend.. and thats is alright. But don't keep a guy along if either one of you are not getting the satisfaction of a positive relationship. If it has to do with security reasons of having someone there, then you should break things off. You need to find that security within yourself rather then your current boyfriend. IF your happy with the way things are going between your new relationship.. then thats great.. keep things how you are.


But remember, your life has changed. Things about you have changed.. and you need to try to move on and find a better day so you can appreciate things that new people in your life can offer you.. Best wishes..

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