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When is it okay to call a gilr to set up a date again?!?!

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I was out with my boys on Thursday night. There was this really good looking girl there! I briefly got to talk to her for a few minutes during the night. In one of my short talks with her I asked if she was seing anyone. she said no, and said she needed to do something and would be right back. Well before she came back all y friends wanted to leave the bar. I told them to go and I would meet them outside. I found the girl and told her I was sorry for being so forward, but my crew was leaving. I asked her for her number, and also told her if she did not intend on doing something with me, not to give it to me. I figure I am a big boy, and ca take rejection!! Besides I would rahter know she is not interested than play the phone game. Wll that friday during work I called her number and left a brief message. And typical she did not call me back!! How long do I wait before I call her a scond time? Also if she does not return this call I will not call again? But again, in regards to my second and final attempt, how long do I wait??

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I think you should call her back in about 3 days. There is a chance that she didn't get the message, especially if she still lives at home with her parents and/or siblings. My family never gives me messages even when I'm just visiting. So there's a good chance she never got it.


Give her 1 more chance and then move on.

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