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Being friends with your ex...again

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My ex-girlfriend and I got back together after a ten year separation we dated for a month recently and slept together a few times and now she's broken off most contact and says she just wants to be friends.


I feel devestated (just like the last time she left me), but hopefull since we've never really been friends before, just lovers.


I don't know if I should just let her go even though I really love her or if I should try to make her a friend until she finishes getting divorced and see where things go from there.


Any advise is appreciated,

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I think this time we separated because we got too close too fast, it had been 10 years since we had seen eachother and by the second week we were sleeping together.


By week 4 we were seeing eachother everyday all day because she had surgery and needed constant care. After a week of this she essentially shut down and now just wants to be friends.


I felt like my heart was broke all over again and now I'm not sure what to do.

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Please consider how you feel if the two of you remain friends and then you find out that she is seeing a new man. You may be setting yourself up for a heartbreak here. You may do better with NC and waitto see if she contacts you! NC is very hard, but it will give youthe upper hand. IF she contacts you in the future, say after her divorce is settled, there may be a future for you two. Generally, someone who is going through a divorce isnt ready for a new serious relationship. Play it cool...youeven said so yourself that you moved to fast.

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