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Honest opinion please.


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Please. Looking for honest opinions only. I can handle the opinions either way. Thank you.


The facts are as follows:



- wife and I have been together for 10 years w ups and downs

-a year ago she gets a biz partner named Tina

- they get very close, which is nice. But Tina crosses line personally. Making negative comment ab out relationship.

- Tina tells wife that I text and call too much

- she further tells Wife that, if u can’t put down your phone, there is no point in spending time with you

- Tina gets involved in our personal relationship

- now I respect that I’m needy guy, and call and text too much, but when wife is with Tina, she shuts me right out

- so I try to limit communication during the day. Which some days are good and some bad.

- when this was first brought to light, wife agreed with me that it’s not fair, for me to limit communication during the day, if Tina is not limiting communication in the off hours. Further clarifying, wife can speak and engage w Tina all day and nite, and I’m limited to speaking to Wife


- now the entire situation has changed. A total 180. When I try to engage during the day or when wife is with Tina, it is difficult. She won’t answer my calls or texts, or gets irritated. And wife is engaging w Tina all nite and all day, I have limitations. They spend a tremendous amount of time talking, working, texting, vacationing etc.


- we were at a wedding and another occasion where Tina was with us. I was ignored all nite. Wife had zero time for me and barely acknowledged my presence. She spent the entire time engaged w Tina and other people. And at one point had her arm around Tina rubbing her. Considering the circumstances above, and knowing it was an uncomfortable situation, I wish wife had made more of an effort. No I don’t need “baby sitting” but some interaction would have been welcomed.


It’s almost like she is pushing me away. Wife knows Tina is a sensitive topic. And she brings her up at every opportunity. And when wife has barely communicated with me in a day, she has pointed out how she has detailed stories ab her engagements with Tina during the same period she has ignored me.


She is a smart, caring and compassionate person, And would think that wife could imagine how this all makes me feel. But no. She defends Tina and blames me.

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