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Really awesome coincidence


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It's funny that my mom and I are just now noticing this after 40 years (my age). But before I get to what I'm talking about, I'd like to tell you how incredibly close my mom and I have always been. We've always been locked at the hip. It's a healthy bond, no codependency, but we are just extremely close and I've always felt that I hit the jackpot getting her as a mom. When I was in my 20s, I adopted a puppy and I felt such a bond with that dog, he was very special to me. But as my career took off, my mom frequently dogsat. She and my dog, buster, also became locked at the hip and became very close, especially upon her retirement. He loved her so much and vice versa. He was ridiculously happy anytime the 3 of us were together. He died a couple years ago on 3-5.


My mom and I enjoy playing the lottery, and we always choose the date that buster became an angel, 3-5, along with other lucky numbers. We never knew busters birthday, so his angel date has always been in the pool of numbers that we always play.


But today, we realized that our birthdays are identical. Yeah, after 40 years. She was born on 12-4. I was born on 1-24. Ha! We decided that we'll add 1,2,4 to our lottery pool of lucky numbers. So when my mom went to the gas station tonight, she decided that she'd play 1,2,4, 3,5. But it prints out in chronological order. Therefore her ticket said 1,2,3,4,5. Lol! We always knew that the 3 of us had a special bond!

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