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Sadness out of nowhere


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I’ve been dealing with my breakup that happened about 2 months ago. In the beginning it was bad. Time did help a lot however.


There was a point where I became confident and started working on myself. I’ve realized that maybe part of the confidence was due to knowing or feeling my ex would contact me.During the first week I’d reached out to her and asked for a “closure” talk. She agreed but at a later time.


During that period I’d reached out multiple times in 1 week spans. She replied but when asked to meet she would always say “no”. Eventually I realized that it was pointless an not worth chasing after someone who didn’t want me in their life.


I didn’t reach out and eventually after 2 weeks she called multiple times and texted stating she was ready for our “closure” talk. During this period I was feeling good and was actually thrown off about the “closure” talk. I personally didn’t think that would help me and I texted her stating we didn’t need to meetup.


It’s been about 3 weeks since we last talked and now all of a sudden I’m getting more memories of her than I’ve had prior. I’m doing my best to keep moving but the fact that she’s moving out of state in less than a month is killing me now.


I guess before I knew that she was gonna be around even if we didn’t get back together. Now that she’s close to leaving I’m feeling a little anxious, despite us not being together.


I’d appreciate someone’s perspective on how to keep going.

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it's only been 2 months....still not enough time to shed all those emotions and attachments. She's only moving out of state, not off the face of the planet. If need be, you can always see her again down the road when she comes back into town.



Give yourself another month and see where you are at. If it's still really bothering you, then ask her if she wants to meet one last time to have that closure.

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