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I've a crush on a shy guy! I think? Help please!


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I saw this guy while visiting a park for my usual walk. He works at a restaurant nearby. Haven't noticed him before. Honestly I didn't start this but I think he did.

A week or something ago, after my usual walk. I went to the restaurant to pick up a sandwich, ( I haven't ever visited the restaurant before) and we had a short conversation (no flirting just normal conversation!) Somehow I said something hilarious, I don't know and he started laughing and we kind of shared a laugh.

When I came back home I realized I had developed a crush or I don't know more than that.

But the thing is I never asked his name or number. And don't know a thing about him.

I don't know how to ask? Because he works there and as soon as I enter the restaurant to buy something there's this manager guy who shows up.

I tried going in once as an excuse of buying something but the manager just showed up taking order and you know I can't keep buying snacks and sandwiches Lol!



I try to keep away from direct talk as it doesn't seem nice to bother him at his work place. I don't want him to get in trouble you know it's someone's work.


I want to get his phone number somehow but I don't know how and just so you are thinking. I'm not the only one I think... I think he's interested too but shy or you know it's his work place.


I don't know what to do. A few days later, Me and my friend went to a supermarket nearby passing by that restaurant (again unintentionally!) and I didn't see him present at the restaurant but I guess he saw me. Because my friend told me so and not to mention he saw me and got out of the restaurant and casually followed me half the block. (It was early morning and Mr.Manager wasn't there that time)

I don't know what to make of his action. It seems like he wanted to talk to me. But I kind of got flustered and blew the chance.

What do I do? Should I approach and talk? Why can't he? I'm not good at this? Any ideas?

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Are you allowed to date?

02-16-2018: I'm constantly being governed by my parents' choices. they're a bit traditional and religious and in the long run I think they're expecting me to marry a guy of their choice and settle down. my Parents don't let me out alone on my own so that I could get to know life in my way. Even if I manage to go out on my own just for a morning walk. if I don't get to go out besides work. How in the world am I going to find the person I want to find.
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I developed a crush on a girl worked behind a bar. I never drank there before but I really liked her and I couldn't just go and ask her for her number as the place was busy with other people


The way I got to know her was after I finished my drink I made a bee line to her and as soon as she saw me she walked towards me. I asked for her name and I then GAVE her my number and asked her if she would like to get together sometime.


The very next day she text me.


Although it never went anywhere and that was 4 years ago. We still speak and keep in touch. Everyone is different and if you don't feel comfortable asking him for his number then why don't you give him your number? Its just an idea but you do what you feel comfortable with.

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Is the reason you can't give him your number because your parents may find out if he calls you at home? It's ok to have a crush or daydream but are you allowed to date if your parents won't even let you out alone except for work and a walk?

I suppose so, but whatever the reason I think I'd like to take my chances.... What's the worst that could happen!
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So here's what happened for those of you who might want to know. I couldn't manage the courage to talk to him directly since he worked in a place with lots of people and I didn't want to be turned down or embarrassed in front of them...

I went classical... Wrote a note along with my number and got a kid to deliver it to him anonymously. Yep I didn't mention my name to see how he reacts. He called back... We talked for a day or two he got to know my name and stuff and revealed things about himself too ... And he most abruptly said he wanted to see me at night 1:00 double quotes "night 1:00" since he was sooooo busy with work... And the moment he said that, l realized he was not it and said bye byes. I mean we just started talking and he was more than eager to meet, not to mention his meet up timing was way off my schedule ... Tough luck! But I tried... That's it... Oh and I think he had a girlfriend already... which he claimed was his sister... or God knows!

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Trying a more normal approach rather than this convoluted plot will yield better results. Talk, say hi, get to know someone a bit, etc. Don't deliver your number anonymously to guys as if you're an escort.

I went classical... Wrote a note along with my number and got a kid to deliver it to him anonymously. Yep I didn't mention my name to see how he reacts. He called back.

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