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I am just crazy about this girl


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This is a little complicated so i am gone tell you the whole story.


I am 26 years old and the girl i like she is 24. We are both working in the same place, so you could say we are spending more time together than we spend with our families. We like the same tv series Greys Anatomy, we talk all the time about it and she is laughing at all my jokes. When she start working in this place i invited her out just me and her and she said yes, she didnt ask any questions and she knew i like her because i told her. I am a very direct guy. We went bowling, i booked table for dinner, then we went dancing, so we spend together like 10 h that day. I bought her a gift as well, probably the gift was too much anyway she almost cried when i give her the gift. The gift was about greys anatomy and she said she will never forget me. So we went dancing, we got a little drunk and she start touching me, hugging me, grinding. We finished dancing and i took her to the bus stop and she was hugging me until the bus came. We didnt see the bus coming , so when the bus was next to us we saw it and she jumped straight in the bus and after a few seconds she turned and said something like ``I dont say goodbye?`` i think i was supposed to kiss her. Now at work she likes teasing me by touching my ass because i have a small ass and when i see her talking with other guys she is always saying `` Dont be jealous ``.


I forgot to tell you guys that she likes another guy from the workplace and she told me.


One night she went out with 2 guys from my workplace and she liked one of the guys. The guy she liked got drunk and kissed her. She texted me straight away that night telling me that the guy kissed her and that she didnt want to kiss him and i told her that its k we are not together and she can do whatever she wants. She told me not to be like this with her. At the christmas party she ignored me all night and i tried 3 times to find out why she is ignoring me but she didnt want to talk with me. That night she kissed again that guy she likes and i was there next to them. Next day she came at work like nothing happened. I was ignoring her all day at work, so she asked me what is wrong `` i told her that you ignored me all night at the christmas party`` and she said `` she was drunk, tired and i was supposed to pick her up from work ``,. I asked why you kissed the guy and she said becasue she fancy him and she told me to stop liking her and i said i will not give up, but later we had a discussion and i said i give up on her and she said that i said i will not give up . So from that day i stopped giving her any attention, no jokes, i was treating her like any other girl.


You can imagine our shifts together in silence. She was trying to make jokes or to touch me but i was very cold with her, anything related to work i was helping her. One day she asked me what is wrong with me and i told her you like someone else and i dont wana intefere between them. I guess she was missing the guy who was making her laugh all day. Anyway one day she asked me if i can go shopping with her because she doesnt know how to get there( an area next to the place i live) and i said ok i can go. We didnt go in the end she said she had something else to do and she apologised.


Anyway i was treating her with silence because a friend(girl) of mine advised me to. After a while i stop with the ignoring so i start talking again with the girl and joking and everything. I realised that it wasnt me or who i am as a person when i was ignoring her. Now the girl and the guy she used to like nothing happened between them.


Now that we were back to normal i didnt try to invite the girl out or anything i wasnt thinking anymore about me and her , relationship or anyhting just guy and a girl having good time at work.


My manager was organising a trip to Prague and he asked me if i wanna go but i said i am not sure. After a while i found out that some of my friends are going and i said yes. Two weeks before going to Prague the girl i like found out that i am going so she texted me and told me `` I am upset with you `` and i asked why and she made a joke `` you have a girlfriend `` and i said so what and after this she said `` Why you didnt tell me you are going to Prague? `` and i told her `` Why would i tell you? ``and she said `` Because if she knew i was going she would come aswell and because we are colleagues and if she was going she would have told me, she would have invited me ``. Anyway she became upset and she told me that now she doesnt wanna come anymore because i didnt think about her, to tell her that i am going to Prague or invite her.


In the end she decided to come.


Now one more week before going to Prague. Its my birthday and i am thinking to invite some friends to go out Saturday. Obviously i dint invite her and she found out. She got upset and asking me why i didnt invite her and i told her you can come if you want. So i went out with my friends Saturday and we start drinking around 7 pm and she told me she is gonne be there around 9 pm and she asked me if its k that she is bringing some friends with her and i told her its totally fine. Later the girl i like showed up and i forgot to tell you we havent seen each other in like a month becasue she went in holiday then i went in holidays, so we hug really hard and she bought me a gift, that surprised me because i wasnt expecting. Two of my best friends(girls) where there and we start dancing, like really dirty. I was touching these girls asses and they were touching my abs, they took off my shirt and one of my female friend whispered to me that the girl i like she is looking at us when she is kissing me, just small kisses to make the gilr i like jealous. After a while my female friends left and it was just me and the girl i like.


I start dancing with the girl i like. We were touching a lot, hugging and she was grinding a lot but no kissing. When i was sitting down on the chair she would come to me and sit on top of me on my lap hugging me. Later we went back home and one of her friends had a car so they took me home. While we were traveling back home she sat close to me in the car with her head on my shoulder and holding my hand like clasp hands when you intertwine your fingers and we sat like this until i got home.


Next day at work in front of other colleagues she was acting with me very spoiled like a child you know caress and she was smilling a lot and my colleagues were like oh something is going on between you two guys. I said previously that we were going to Prague and we had this accomodation with a lot of beds, guys and girls sleeping separate. The girl i like said in front of my colleagues at work that she wants to sleep with me same bed.


I dont know what is going to happen in Prague or what i will do regarding the girl i like and by the way her birthday is coming up soon when we are in Prague so i odnt know if i should prepare something for her.


So this is my story guys. Can you make me understand what is happening. My female friend advised me to ignore her but i cant do that its not me and i like this girl too much. So this girl she likes me or she is just playing with me, i dont know what is happening anymore.

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She's a flirt. She probably was Daddy's Little Girl growing up. Sort of a Holly Golightly from "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Or Liza Minnelli in "Cabaret." She's a free spirit. You can't put her in a cage. She wants everyone to notice her. She wants everyone to love her. She takes more than she gives and she'll probably burn you. I think your female friend is correct. I think she senses it. You can try and catch her but she may slip through your fingers. Good luck.

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