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Going too fast has killed it?

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It's been over two months since the break up now. I've been working hard to work on my mental health and physical health. I think I'm in a good place now considering the circumstances. Today is Thursday and on Tuesday night I spoke with my ex and told him I needed to give up on the false hope that may be we would start again (I meant this genuinely). He ended up talking about how he missed me but was scared because we ended mostly because he stopped being happy to see me and started thinking "oh, it's just her". We had a long talk and I told him that I thought baby steps would be a good idea. We don't have to start dating or labelling things but if we started with one date that would be good. Unfortunately one thing led to ano there and we ended up having sex. I know That's a big no no and I should have resisted more but the thought of his touch still makes me shiver. He agreed to starting slow but was still scared about the future. The next night he texted me at 3am to say he couldn't date me and that he hopes I hate him because he feels awful. He said it was a mistake because he was just feeling lonely. I get that. I really do and maybe it will all hit me later and I will be crushed but for now I feel like I was expecting this. My question is, has this moment cemented things? Or does this mean that perhaps. Further down the line things may possibly work out. Has anyone ever had the brief relapse and had it work after or was that the beginning of the end? (Well the end again)

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Time to move on and not look back.


He's being honest, listen to his words. He was lonely. You were available, and then he felt guilty because he wasn't wanting you to stay attached to him. That's why ex sex is a really bad idea when feelings are still involved.


I hope you can move forward and be happy soon.

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