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Feel stuck


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Hello, I'll try to keep things brief....


I'm at a job I don't like. It has no opportunities for advancement, the management is a joke, and I often struggle to muster up the energy to get out of bed in the morning to go to the job. It's often bad enough to keep me up at night, dreading to go in.


Also, I want to move out of my brother's but things have changed considerably. He's no longer married, and his job may lay him off soon. My family is pretty tight knit, so I don't feel right about just up and leaving.


I just broke up with my gf to focus more on moving forward in life (she deserves better than what I can give her right now. I know I may regret this, but thats another post for another time).


I just feel stuck...in a dead end job, and in my bro's basement. I feel I have been so close to my family for so long that I've outgrown the space I've been in with them. I truly feel I wont be able to move forward/grow as a person until I completely leave.


Any advice? I know I'm naive to some things as I havent yet truly been on my own. I'm feeling restrained from being what I feel I could if I leave. It sucks, too as I'm very different from my immediate fam. I'm the artist in a money minded family.


Any advice out there for a naive dude trying to move forward in life?

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Hello XpandTheMind,

We’ve all been there and I can feel what you are going through. You should look towards going forward in life if you can. But you have to do it carefully and wisely. My primary advice is that you need to put one foot towards a new life while keeping your other foot stable in your old life, for now. What I mean is appreciate what you have right now so that at least your life is bearable. You have a job, period. There are many people who have no jobs and it becomes the root of their other problems. There are also cases where a person starts to hate his job and this just filled his mind so that when there was an argument at the work place he quit his job and all he was left with was his pride. So before you move, make sure you have a new job first.


Is your family the kind that will ostracize you if you leave? You need to talk to them, not just assume that they will take it against you, they might not. If you stay you might end up blaming them later in your life but if you find another job maybe in another city you might be able to find one for your brother as well. Who knows? So, don’t let your family’s sentiments be the basis of your decisions if you want to move forward in life.

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