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Is it my being petty/scared or is this nothing to worry about?


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Hi, I'm a 21 year old male student at uni in my second year and I would consider my self new to the dating game, as they say. To be true full I've never really cared about having a long term relationship until the last 6 mouths ago I decided its time to look for the one.


there's a girl on my course that I've had my eye on since the beginning of the second year back in October. I never really took that much notes of her in the first year, as back then I was looking for a relationship or cared about dating. I'm some what of shy guy but, I built up the courage to start to speak to her and start spending some time to gather at uni and outside of uni. Talking to her I've found out we have a lot in common and she has one of the nice personality you can have in a person.


recently over the last mouth me and her have started talking about what we like in a partner for a relationship. the more we talk about this the better it gets and more it's sounding like were a perfect match for each over.


A few days ago we went out for dinner and she said some thing that kind of shouldn't worry about. she told me that she was in a relationship with a guy not long ago, there broke up 2 and half moths ago. From what I can understand this relationship sounds like it was solely sexily in nature and lasted 6 moths. she went on to say the her and him are friends know and that she spends most night around his and staying the night. I asked if she and him are "friends with benefits". this was meet with a long "hum" from her and not much of answer. from this I kind of gathered that there still some what sexily active between each other. This fact does not bother me much as where not dating yet.


my first question is. would this stop (if this is happening) if I and her started dating? I feel like this would stop as she does not believe in cheating on people. my second question is. if we are dating and she continues to go around his and staying the night should I be worried? if so should I tell her how unconfutable with this I am?


to be ounce I fill like I'm at an impasse. I would like to continue on and hopefully start dating her but I'm not sure on how to handily this situation.


if some could give me some advice on what to do, that would be super


P.S. sorry if there are spelling mistake and poor grammar.

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Yeah, I don't know if I could trust her. You don't break up with someone and then continue to sleep with them. That's not breaking up. It sounds like they're still together. Maybe her emotional needs aren't being met, but her sexual needs are.


I think there's a big danger of you just becoming an "emotional friend." She'll continue seeing this other guy for sex while she's only with you emotionally. I think you should start looking around for another girl you're interested in.

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