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Friend died in February, lost girlfriend that month (breakup) now another friend has colon cancer.

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I had a good friend from Jr. High and High School die in early February. He had been in bad car wreck year before. When I heard he was in hospital in our hometown again (I moved back to help out family and he had been sent to rehab facility for awhile) I went to see him and he was paralyzed and at that point a vegetable and didn't show any spark of recognition. Later that month had another trauma that wasn't loss and looked for solace in the person I trusted for that and lost my GF, who went to his funeral with me, over being "needy" on a day when she was busy and told me that is inexcusable and unforgiveable sin because it reminded her of an ex. And then went off on me when upset about that. Then found out this week good friend for 20 years colon cancer has returned and they are saying months maybe a year or more outside shot.


I feel so alone and wondering why all this is happening in such a short period of time. My life hasn't been roses, but this is a serious stretch of awful in a short period. Just feel broken and can't stop crying at all. Take breaks to run off and cry. I went on low dose anti-depressant last week to try and stem it but nothing so far. No light just so much loss.

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I've had a rough go as well. I've mentioned several times, lost my family from betrayal, two friends who betrayed me, my ex, my grandma died, and a good friend died. All within a years time (from the time I actually started dating the ex, not from the time I had met him).

I've managed somehow, I was depressed and at a very low point but I found the strength to push through.

I'm at peace with it now, I realize I can't control people or how they act, and I can't control their leaving thru death.

Go through the process you need to for grieving. There's no shame in crying, it releases the feelings.

Anti depressants take time to build up and have an effect for you, so if you need to, get some therapy to vent your feelings.

I'm really sorry, but trust me, you will pull through. I hope you feel better soon :)

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