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Hello all,


I am 31+ & I am divorced.I left my husband about 2 years back.Stayed with him for a year and a haif..

We never had a relationship as such..He was not much into me physically, despite being a very kind man..

Issues were immense & we had to take a call..


I lost my dad in between..


Met this guy last year..A beautiful warm relationship cropped immediately..We got connected..In the fifth day, I told him that I was going through a failed marriage..

He promised me companionship & support & said he loved me more..


I could not tell him that I had stayed with this husband for 1.5 years..I was scared of loosing him..I had got love after a long long tym..I was v lonely..


We started a great relationship & we used to get close almost everyday..


After 6 months he told me that something is wrong & since his parents are not happy about me, he is not sure..I told him that maybe I should leave but he hugged me & cried telling me to stay..


we kept on having our closeness & very occational fights..yet I was scared of loosing him..His parents did not know know about my divorce, still hated me, for my short height..I used to cry & he is a very silent way, tried to resolve things at home..


We had mutually decided to keep the divorce away from his parents as they are very orthodox..


One day they said yes to us & suddenly he decided to tell his parents abput my divoce..things were not moving very smooth between us..he used to say me that he wants to evaluate our relationship..although we were pretty close physically throughout..I used to fall sick thinking about he leaving me..


after we had broken the news of my divorce to his parents, they became violent & he left me..suddenly..


After a lot of pain & persuing I brought him back..gradually we became close again..Now his mom used some old photos from social media to prove to him that I have been with my ex husband for 1.5 yrs, befire meeting him.


I had met this guy long after leaving my husband.

Yes, I lied that I left my husband immediately.But I did speak about my husband being a gay..I did not keep my marriage way from him at all..I was scared of the society..


Now he has left me ..He tells me that he was not sure about me..I asked him then why was he being physically so much into me? He says he was "trying" but after the photos his mum revealed, he just wants me to go..


I am broken I am lost I feel depressed & I am sick...


Help me..Was it all my fault?I really loved him a lot with all my heart..Loved & gifted his parents too..Really was very genuine..

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