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This Guy I've Been Seeing Makes Noises During Kissing That Sound Forced


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Okay so I just met this guy and it seems like he really likes me, he even tells me so. He treats me very well but I haven't decided if I want to pursue anything more than just friends with him (I just ended a long on again off again relationship so that doesn't help). Anyways, we've made out and had a good time with that, but there are moments when I wonder if it's not as good as it seems to be sometimes.


I could be just analyzing this too far.. but I will give my examples now. Maybe I'm just a weirdo who doesn't understand human interaction. But when we kiss to say goodbye or just a quick smooch, he makes a "mm" sound. He does it when I kiss him on the cheek like "ooh!" and he makes this face after we kiss that I presume to be "I WANT TO SHOW YOU THAT I LIKE KISSING YOU" that honestly does not sound or look natural to me.


Maybe he's just nervous. I get that.. but he speaks about how he's a very chill guy and I totally get that vibe from him. He is not a nervous person, just a sad person, like me. I don't make these noises, but I will moan during make out sessions because those sounds just come out. But these sound forced! I wish I could include his sounds in this but that seems like an invasion of his privacy haha..


Okay if you guys could give me any advice or tell me about if you make these noises or faces and why you make them. This could just be me projecting myself onto him, because as I said right now I don't really see anything more than like.. friends with benefits. I don't even know if I see the benefits for much longer.. we just met!



((Yes I realize I'm making this pretty complicated but I just need any kind of advice that you guys can give me. Thanks!))

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I've kissed guys who made noises, but it was all natural. I didn't get the feeling it was forced, and it just made me think they were enjoying it. However, haven't found myself in your shoes where the noises seemed unnatural.


Do these noises bother you? Guessing you want him to stop.


Maybe point out to him during the kiss that he makes these noises. See what he says? Keep it light, smile...see how he responds.


This sounds like it should be a Seinfeld episode. Lol

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