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I need reassurance


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Hi there,


For the record, this is kind of explicit, so bear with me. I have been really anxious all day over this.


So I’ve had this cloud hanging over my head all day long.


Last night I went home with a woman I’ve known, we’re not dating, just a FWB thing. I went to her apartment, we started making out, then she pulled me into her room. At that point, I’m already pretty hard down there, and I did touch myself a few times. She then wanted me to start fingering her, which I did. I only went up top though, I didn’t go deep inside her with my fingers, just rubbed her spot. We never had sex though, because I didn’t have condoms, and I don’t want to impregnate anyone.


I keep thinking that maybe somehow my “stuff” got inside of her, and that she may accidentally get pregnant. I just need someone to tell me that it’s gonna be fine and that she can’t get pregnant since I didn’t ejaculate inside of her, which I didn’t. I have anxiety issues, and I overthink things a lot.


Can someone help me? Thanks.

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