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What does it mean?


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I liked one boy since the begging of this year. He seemed to be nice but not really open , more like a shy guy. We’ve done one project for class together and then we got to sit together. I thought he might be interested in me because of the way he looked at me. We spoke couple of times but it wasn’t a proper conversation. Couple of weeks ago i found the courage to ask him for a coffee. But he said that he is not the type of guy to go anywhere, he doesn’t enjoy going out and i shouldn’t take it in a rude way . What does this mean? Does it mean definitely no and i should move on , or do i still have any chance with him?

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Is it a relationship you are looking for? If so, what kind of relationship could you have with someone who doesn’t go anywhere ever?


Whether you have a chance or not, I would say that the ball is definitely in his court now. You bravely made the first move (and you should be proud of going after what you want) - now would be his turn to pursue you back.


Personally, for my own sanity, I would take his response as a “no, not ever” whether or not it’s true. Not much you can do from here... so why sweat it?

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