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I need help with this


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Okay, I'm in middle school and soon going to high school and there's this girl who, to me, is absolutely amazing. We share a majority of interests, and I really want to start dating her.

The problem is that apparently I get extremely anxious when I'm around her and over think everything. I talk to her over our school e-mails, but she stopped talking to me. I will admit that I do send a lot of messages, but I do it over a period of time I don't just spam her with a ton of messages at once. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. It isn't causing problems with anything else in my life, but I need some guidance. And if you're just going to say "don't worry about it, it won't matter in the future" I know that, but I'll be upset with myself in th future if I don't do something about it.

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I'm getting the feeling that she may not be into you any more. But you can always ask her out on a date or give her a note asking if she would like to get coffee with you, or a snack or lunch or go to the movies, etc. Then you will know pretty quickly if she wants you as her boyfriend.


There was a girl I was interested at one time. I asked her out on a date. The date was over. She said she didn't want to go out with me anymore. And that was it. I moved on before I got crazy about her. Asking someone out can save you a lot of trouble and frustration.

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